Sosw 2015 day3 Waiting

Because of objectiv reasons sailing regatta Split Olympic Sailing Week will not be held.

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Dear sailors, coaches, umpires and guests!

We hope you've enjoyed past three days here in Split as much as you have enjoyed our regatta. We also hope you are satisfied with the results, but most of all our intention was to make you feel welcome in our city, our club and on our regatta.

Therefore, all that is left for us to do, is invite you to join us next year for the 14h International regatta Split Olympic Sailing Week!

Check out today PHOTOS. See you next year :-)

Race 4 Standard: 1. Pavlos Kontides, 2. Filip Jurišić 3. Tonči Stipanović
Standard overall; 1. Pavlos Kontides, 2. Filip Jurišić, 3.Tonči Stipanović

Radial, Race 4: 1. Elena Vorobeva, 2. Dominik Perković, 3.Anđela de Micheli Vitturi
Overallradial: 1. Elena Vorobeva, 2. Dominik Perković, 3. Noa Vladislavić
Radial woman: 1. Vorobeva, 2. Anđela de Micheli Vitturi, 3. Eline Flotoft Elnan, Asker

4.7., race 4: 1. Ilija Marković, 2. Đani Muhar, 3. Božidar Golubić
Overall: 1. Ilija Marković, 2. Đani Muhar, 3. Božidar Golubić
Woman4.7: 1. Irina Kusovac, YC Delfin, MNE, 2. Eleonore Borgini, JK Tijat, 3. Katja Frua, JK Val Šibenik

Southern wind arround 12 - 15 kts assuring excellent sailing conditiones, so today first race is finished, second is just started. Racing comitee is hoping for three race for today. Follow races on our SOSOW facebook page.

Finnaly, on third day of sosw regatta, nice and fresh southern wind has covered sailing area in front of Split, and is picking up. Right now there is arround 10 kts, and race is about to begin.. Race tweets follow on SOSW facebook page


On the third day of Split Olyimpic Sailing Week regatta, weather is still not promising for racing. There is no wind, so as for now, races are postponed for 11:00h. We are waiting for race comittee further instructions.