3rd race is on. Class 470 are close to finish line, and a bit after we are expecting Finns to finish first race. Lasers started 10-15 minutes ago. Live race online section

Take a look  at some pictures from race area >>

Fleet went out, D flag displayed at 13.22, and It looks like we are going to have sea brease again. There is 10 kts and is picking up, race commitee is making final tunning with marks, arranging the race area to be perfect so we are excepeting first start soon. Stay with us on our Live race online section ...


While we are waiting for some wind, take a look at 2nd edition of (popular in YC Labud) SOSW Times. You can download it HERE >>

sosw 2014 day2 postponed

Official race comittee decision: Racing is postponed. Unfortuntelly,  there is no wind, so now we have to wait :-(.

labud chefs

All sailors, coaches, Judges and organizers have a hot meal after returning from the sea. Four members of YC Labud, now in the role of masters of the kitchen, everyday prepare delicious meals.

All retirees, now active in the kitchen: the chef Zoran Šimić, a retired colonel, Bogdan Dumanić, retired seaman as well as Professor Emeritus Andro Radić and another retiree Max Škabar.

sosw2014-Day2-MorningIntroGood morning to all, it is a second day of 10th edition of International regatta Split Olyimpic Sailing Week. After two races for all classes, today's first start is scheduled for 12:00h. Exactly at noon, if the conditions permit, you will hear referees whistle for the start of the third race on regatta. Today, we have a sunny day, with a low south-west and west, which will gradually turn to the north-west.  We hope it should be a fresh afternoon wind at least up to 10 kts. Morning minimum temperature along the coast and on the islands will be 10-15 °C and a maximum daily temperatures mostly between 17 and 22 degrees. Regarding further infomration for today races, of course, we have to wait for the final yuri desicion.