Dear sailors, coaches, and friends, it\'s time to say goodbye till next year. It was great having you here with us, for the 10th edition of Split Olympic Sailing Week, and we hope you had a good time. We also hope..., well, we know you enjoyed racing here in Split, as well as enjoyed hanging out here in YC Labud and in our town.

We are inviting you to join us next year on 11th SOSW regatta, and also on Finn Europe Championship 2015. which will be organized by YC Labud too.

Congratulations to all winners as well as to all other competitors, and we wish you a safe trip home.
See you all next year :-)

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SOSW-Times05-headerLast edition of SOSW Times for this year, a small daily regatta "newspaper", can be downloaded HERE >>


Race 6 finished, it was arround 20 kts wind. Prize giving ceremony is scheduled for 16:30h.
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470 finished 6th race
1st. CRO 3 (Ante Botica, Jure Vuletić)
2nd. TUR 1905 (Sebahattin Tora Kutoglu Abdullah Baglica)
3rd. HUN 444 (Gergely Bihary, Daniel Bihary)


FINN finished 6th race
1st. CRO 7 (Tudor Bilić)
2nd. CRO 52 (Nenad Bugarin)
3rd. CRO 88 (Marin Mrduljaš)


LASER STANDARD finished 6th race
1st. ITA 196685 (Marco Gallo)
2nd. CRO 202974 (Daniel Mihelić)
3rd.  CRO 197294 (Filip Jurišić)


 LASER RADIAL finished 6th race
1st. CRO 199055 (Tina Mihelić)
2nd. CRO 199825(Toma Stipanović)
3rd.  MNE 1 (Todor Tušup)


6th race started, sailing conditiones are 20 - 25 kts N/NE wind. Follow our RACE ONLINE SECTION >>




13:20h - Race committee and organisers are arranging the race area, waiting fot start
- Wind is about 20-25 kts, so it looks like race is on, but we still have to wait the race commettee decision. Gusts are up to 30, ....

After the last check on the sea, at 12:10 PM, winds were clocked at 14 till 18 knots with gusts up to 25 knots.
Generally this is weaker bura than this morning, currently the strongest gusts are around 25 while the constant is around 15 knots. Reported Tonči Antunović from the sea.


Possible start has been set for after 1PM while the second start of the day is still in question due to 3PM time limit.


Too much wind, racing is postponed.

Unfortunatelly, on the last day of Split Olyimpic Sailing week, sailing conditiones are not suitable for racing. Gusts are up to 35 kts, so race committee decided to postpone todays racing.

Forecast, as we mentioned yesterday, is not very frendly for sailors, and now we are waiting for further decisions of the race committee.

As for situation here in YC Labud, sailors are all dress up in sailing suits so it looks they are ready to go out and try to improve their scores.

While we are waiting, take a look at