• Paiška regata
Day before last at the 2010 Finn European Championship on water was a bit of a drama!
Morning came with a lot of the rain so all it could be done was to wait for the wind to show up.
- We went out on water and managed to have a clear start at 14:21 in SW wind direction 200°  that in the middle of regatta shifted to 180°  so we displayed C over red flags, the course was shifted to the left and regatta was finished– once again daily report gave us Tonko Petešić, IRO who continued:
- Just before start of the second race of a day wind died down to 7 knots on leeward buoy while on our side, other than strong currents (20 m/minute), there was nothing. We also had to wait since the right side of the start line had wind 30° different than what we had at the RC boat while at the leeward buoy Tonči Antunović measured something completely different. So you figure it out!
But without a problem the well working team of the Race Committee got everything set and the start, for the second race of the day (sixth in total), was sounded at 17:41.
- Direction was good, wind was up to 15-17 knots, rain from all directions got us drenched but the race was finished – summarized Petešić.
As for the Medal race – start is scheduled for the 12 o'clock.
TOP TEN will start their battle for the double points, on smaller race area. Other 87 Finn sailors are also going to be nearby since also planed is the Final Race.
Sailors placed 11th to 97th have one Final race work on their place on results list.